Learn More About Me…

Born in September 1995 in a sleepy English town, I guess it’s easy to see why Formula One captured my attention from such an early age. The money, the glamour, the elitism of this, albeit, slightly crazy sport transported me away from my dull surroundings.

Every Sunday lunch time, I thanked my father for introducing me to Formula One from such an early age. Some of my fondest memories involve gathering around the television with our roast dinner to scream and shout at some speeding cars in various locations around the world.

Then, in 2009, along came Brawn GP, with Button and Barichello behind the wheel of the white and green speed machines. Bang. The obsession started. 

As the years went on, my Motorsport love widened to incorporate MotoGP, then BTCC, the Isle of Man TT and more recently, Formula E. Now, anything with speed and wheels is exactly my cup of tea.


After deciding that Motorsport was my career aim as well as my passion, I decided journalism was a good place to start.

My first experience of motorsport writing came from Overtake Motorsport, who – despite my non-existent experience – brought me on board as their Formula E correspondent. Quickly finding my feet in this new world, I was promoted to Assistant Manager of the site and my responsibilities suddenly expanded past reporting and writing.

Eager for more autonomy and creative freedom, I felt the time was right to break away and build my own website. Joining two close friends, we co-founded our own platform dedicate to two-wheeled racing. Now Moto was suddenly born!
Building, from the ground up, a successful, dedicated and passionate team of 8 writers, our little website grew more rapidly than we could have imagined, hitting 12k views within the first six months. Once the website was successfully up and running, I handed over the reins to my two fellow co-founders.

But now? The writing-bug has only increased with further experience and I am now playing a key role to three different websites!

I was invited to rejoin Overtake Motorsport when the positive of Editor-In-Chief was available, and I am now spearheading a team of 11 immensely talented motivated junior writers – the next generation of Team Principles and PR officers!

With Overtake Motorsport now focusing on four-wheeled racing, my two-wheeled fix has been filled by a new role with The Checkered Flag. The team offered me the role of MotoGP Editor and I simply couldn’t say no! This is a role that should, in the near future, provide me with the chance to attend races with accredited status – so watch this space!

Keen to expand my portfolio, my final and most recent role has been with Motorsport Radio. Their weekly podcast has given me some on-screen experience as I took on a regular panellist role for their weekly, live Monday Motorsport podcast.

Unsure what the future holds, I am currently creating as much work as possible: being creative and learning from some incredible mentors. What does the future hold for my career? Only time will tell!


So, all that’s left for me to say is thank you for visiting my site and taking the time to read my posts! I hope you enjoy it and feel free to leave me feedback or contact me.